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American Moving Company was born due to the high amount of stress moving caused to Neil, now the owner of A.M.C., When moving from Northern California back to the Pacific Northwest. If something could go wrong it did during that move. With his 10-plus years in managing and logistic, he knew that he could make that experience for others so much better than what he had endured. And just like that American moving company was live! With one project after another, the moving process is now able to be accomplished with a smile and peace of mind. Soon after, Cesar joined Neil as  Owner/Operator. Cesar can bring a high level of attention to detail, task prioritization, accountability, and pride in his work, all credited to his time as a leader in the U.S. ARMY and his work in the civilian sector of logistics. 

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Where the Passion Begins


Neil Radford



Cesar Z


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